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Linda's Thoughts & Life
Linda's Thoughts & Life

Veterans' Day Thoughts...

Veterans' Day Thoughts...

Veterans' Day is such a special day, one of America's most special of days really. Today we honor our veterans that made one inspiring decision that changed their lives and all Americans' lives forever. They committed their lives to serve our country. This is an extraordinary measure of commitment, for as we know, many, many, many of those committed heroes lost God's greatest gift for our country. 

Our military friends from today or yesteryear make and made our great country be. They make us be proud, be American, and most importantly, be here!

It is plain and simple, without these heroes, our American dream would not be. Let us remember our Revolutionary War heroes that truly made our country the independent, democratic country that it remains today. Or one could consider the great Civil War heroes that fought for domestic peace and equality for ALL men and women. Then one could consider the war of all wars, World War II, where our military heroes fought to retain our world's humanity and peace against great evil forces. And the more contemporary war heroes, less spoken of perhaps, but just as impressive - The Korean, Vietnam, Gulf, and Middle East veterans of today. 

All of them, whether they are with us in body or spirit alone, deserve all the bucket loads of respect and recognition we, as Americans, can muster. But most importantly, they deserve our gratitude. Because without these heroes of America, we would not exist in the world that we know and more than likely, take for granted every day.

So let us love, hug, give thanks and pray for all living and passed veterans that carried on their heroic duties to make our lives peaceful, independent, equal and safe, for the good of America and all humanity. Or better yet, seek out a veteran and bake them or buy them a delicious All-American pie to show your love and appreciation, as wives, sisters, and mothers have done for decades showing theirs!

Eat Pie, be thankful for our Veterans!

P.S. The handsome Korean War veteran  is my daddy, Ben McComb, taken in 1951.


Farm Market Love

Farm Market Love

I absolutely love the magnetic atmosphere of farm markets and the steadfast commerce they have demonstrated for centuries. The hustle bustle of the satisfied vendors and customers, the aroma and beauty of the perfectly ripe fruits and vegetables and the outdoor sunshine and breezes swirling in the pavilion or tents has a uniquely loving, comforting energy like nothing else. 

Farm markets have always been oh, so near and dear to my heart. I have such lovely memories of my daddy taking my twin sister and me downtown to the city farm market early Saturday mornings.   Because my father grew up on a farm, he had much appreciation for farmers and their bounty and loved visiting with his vendor friends at the market. No matter who we talked to, the subject always seemed to turn to the unpredictable Michigan weather, and I remember fondly my daddy's reassuring and empathetic responses to their farming plights. Listening to these conversations, I realized at a young age the importance of not only buying local and how it affects our local economy and people, but more importantly, the emotional connection with people and food. 

With a daughter on each hand, he would take us down the crowded aisles, to buy his beloved vegetables and such; large pink radishes, fresh sweet corn, garden red -ripe tomatoes, and local artisan Colby cheese were his staples.   I enjoyed them all, but my favorite was the bakery booth, as the booth was stacked with various homemade breads and doughnuts, which was delight for a sweet-tooth little girl to see. My father happily would buy a fresh loaf of raisin bread for the family, but best of all, he would let my sister and I pick out a big, fat jelly doughnut! What a treat! 

It seemed only natural for me to start selling my own pies at our DeWitt Farm Market when I first started my home based business some ten years ago. I will never forget the love in the air as my customers came to my vintage table clothed booth - they smiled, they ate, they loved my pies...and... me! I was high on the love, energy and emotional connection with my customers just like my daddy had taught me so many years before! 

I sold out of my pies every Saturday from that day forward and never looked back. It is amazing how buying with a smile, a simple tomato, a bushel of peaches or a homemade pie from a farm market can make a life experience so much deeper than we realize.  

Farm markets have always been oh, so near and dear to my heart.

Eat Pie, and Love Life… Linda 

P.S. Please visit us on Saturdays at the Meridian Farm Market in Okemos and on Thursdays at the Northville Farm Market.

To Can…

To Can…

Oh, to can or not to can? Without fail, each year the thought of canning seems a bit overwhelming to me. Make no mistake; canning is clearly tedious work and probably a tiny bit old-fashioned for some. However, there is no comparison to the fresh flavor and self gratification of canning your very own.

I remember my mother “putting up” quarts of peaches, pickles, tomatoes and jams every year, as did my Aunt Margie and Grandma Ferrell. While visiting my grandmother I remember going down to the cellar to bring up jam for breakfast with both excitement and anxiousness. For a little girl, the cellar was indeed a damp, dark and scary place. However, once the light was turned on, my heart was happy, as I remember shelves of colorful jars of fruits, vegetables and jams aligned perfectly, showcasing their bountiful, ordered beauty. For my elder homemakers, the full pantry was not only a sense of pride and order, but also a true sense of security. For during their time, canning was a necessity to get though the poor, long Depression winters.

After buying our farmette some 15 years ago, I found myself in a “canningpolooza” quite suddenly. For the tomatoes, pickling cucumbers, raspberries, peach and apple trees are not patient fruits and vegetables. For when they are ripe and ready, so must you be. It was an adjustment to find time for it all at first, but something I had looked forward doing since watching my mother can so long ago. As years passed, it became as part of my summer traditions as planting flowers and going up north. In fact, I often canned on our week family vacation on Lake Louise! My family loved my homemade jars of joy to eat and to give away as special gifts.

My pantry isn’t as bursting as it once was, as my time at the shop keeps me from “putting up” as much as I used to.  However, I am thrilled to say, that for the first time since my farm market days, I am selling my delicious herb-infused jams on-line and eventually at the store.  

As for the question, to can, or not to can, my sentimental message is clear, I urge all “to can”. For the contentment of carrying on an American tradition, along with the pride and joy that canning evokes is truly priceless.  

Xoxo Linda   – -Eat pie, can and keep traditions.

*The charming pantry picture enclosed is of my webmaster Gail’s ” jars of joyfulness”!

Carry On, O’Comfort Food

Carry On, O’Comfort Food


I just got back from a very filling and comforting meal at Bob Evans with my husband, daughters and elderly parents. We all sat around eating and smiling while stuffing dinner roll after dinner roll smothered in butter and honey in our mouths. Although the dinner wasn’t outstanding, it was good and it was comforting, exactly what Mr. Evans was aiming for, I suspect.

Actually, the same exact scene takes place at my own dining room table three or four times a week as my family gathers to eat delicious, warm and comforting food. Comfort food and family have gone to together like peas and carrots for generations.  I know my mommy and daddy love to eat foods they grew up with amongst their children and grandchildren. The food and the company is always simple and sweet and oh, so memorable.

The trueness of comfort food is indisputable. Although, I often think that we underestimate the sincerity of a platter of pork chops and homemade applesauce or the coziness of a pot of chicken and dumplings simmering on the back burner. And well, nothing beats the security of a warm, cinnamon apple pie, nothing.  In other words, comfort food soothes our souls, makes us feel loved, revered and significant. I truly believe comfort food takes most of us back to the simple and secure feelings of childhoods long ago where magic and Santa still live in our hearts, as does hot cocoa, chicken soup and bowls of tapioca pudding!

So, let us carry on, O’ comfort food, as mothers for generations before us have done so lovingly, so profoundly. I propose us all to make our dinners as loving and comforting as possible with whatever comfort foods hold true to our own individual families. Together, my sweeties, we will change the world one pie and tuna noodle casserole at a time.  :)  Eat pie, love life, Xoxxolinda

For comfort food ideas, check out the RECIPE section with all the Sweetie-licious’ staff favorites or go to NEWSLETTERS on the HOME page and check out all the archived newsletters – lots of good comfort recipes there as well!


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Linda's Favorites

Spring 2014

I am writing this spring collection of thoughts, despite the frigid weather and snow, because I love to hope and dream! 

  • Spring - I love this time of year as… The frost melts and the sunshine warms my bed earlier for afternoon naps! The happy songbirds start singing and showing their sweet faces! A lovely fresh breeze lifts the winter blankness in the air! The gardens start budding teeny tiny stems through the cold and tired soil. A new batch of spring chicks that will be lovingly chosen to live at the Hundt Homestead Henhouse
  • Savory Foods – Anything lemony and lovely screams “spring”, Roasted chicken with lemon and rosemary, Asparagus made with cream, butter and lemon
  • Sweet Foods - Lemon cream pie with raspberries, Cherry lemon bomb cookies!
  • Favorite Spring Thing - I love the tradition of spring cleaning and do what I can every year to spruce up the house after the long, cold Michigan winter. I enjoy scrubbing our wood floors and walls and opening up all the windows on our first warmish day. I love washing and airing the down comforters, heavy blankets and throws and putting all of my light and fluffy chenille bedspreads on all the beds! I also love cleaning the henhouse for my chickies, so they too, have a happy, clean home and our barn cat, Margie gets new clean basket linens as well! 
  • Favorite Spring Flower - Happy Pansies! 
  • Quote - "All nature seems at work, Slugs leave their lair. The bees are stirring-Birds are on the wing; And Winter slumbering in the open air wears on his face a dream of Spring." S.T. Coleridge


About Linda

Linda Hundt is the…

True believer that delicious memories make the world a more meaningful, joyous and loving place.

Proprietor of the cutest pie shop in the whole world, Sweetie-licious Bakery Café, DeWitt, MI.  

Winner of the 2009 Crisco National Pie Championship Best of Show/Food Network Pie Challenge…dreams really do come true!

Mother two charming and beautiful college student daughters.

Winner of 15 first place awards at the Crisco National Pie Championship, including the Crisco 100th. Anniversary Innovation Award.

Wife of an equally charming and beautiful husband of over 25 years.

Daughter of adorable and happy parents, – My mommy is my cooking and baking mentor and certainly one of the original Pie Queens.

Sister to three, sweet , older brothers,  fraternal twin to a lovely, lovely sister.

Friend to many amazing and true friends.

Part-time home-keeper of our little family’s lovely, century old “farmette.”

Pie baker that believes that loving people and making great pie is her mission in life.

Luckiest girl in the world.

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